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Odor Control

South Coast Odor Control (Orange County)
San Diego Odor Control (San Diego County)

A Division Of Carini Cleaning & Restoration. San Diego Odor Control is the #1 Odor Control Inspection and Odor Elimination Company in San Diego.

San Diego Odor Control (A division of Carini Cleaning & Restoration) was established in 1989 to provide odor control inspection and odor control elimination in San Diego County. San Diego Odor Control has provided odor elimination services to the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, most incorporated and unincorporated cities in San Diego County, major insurance companies, top-level real estate firms, homeowner associations, property management, schools, and universities. San Diego Odor Control has also received testimonials for the San Diego Union-Tribune. San Diego Odor Control is a certified odor elimination company with the IICRC, and has completed over 3,000 odor control inspection and odor control elimination procedures, as well as odor control consultation from San Diego to throughout the United States and other countries.


Our odor control services can include:

  • Restoration Instruments to Detect Odor

  • Apply Ozone or Vapor Treatments

  • Apply Thermal of ULV Fogging

  • Demolition of Affected Building Material Caused by Odor

  • Primer Encapsulation EPA Registered

  • Chemical Treatments EPA Registered

  • Detection of Pet, Rodent, And Skunk Damage and Activity

  • Camera Detection

  • Nicotine Removal

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