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Environmental Abatement

Carini Cleaning & Restoration provides full abatement procedures and the proper steps to eliminate it.

Carini Cleaning & Restoration has now branched out into the Environmental Abatement Industry. As a full-service water mitigation and mold remediation company, it was important for Carini Cleaning & Restoration to provide abatement procedures for their customers. Carini Cleaning & Restoration is a certified and licensed to perform environmental abatement in California. Our extensive education has now allowed us to work with asbestos and lead, and to handle it appropriately during our mitigation and remediation procedures. Carini Cleaning & Restoration can offer low price and unmatched quality toward abatement procedures, as well as the pre-inspections. Carini Cleaning & Restoration offers experienced and skill technicians, as well as cost effective plans for the removal of asbestos and lead.

Our abatement services can include:

  • Cooperation With Federal, State, And City Codes And Regulations

  • Identification Of The Lead – Asbestos

  • Post Abatement Procedures

  • Critical Barrier/Containment Set Up

  • Full Clean With Hepa Vac

  • Wet Cleaning Methods

  • Demolition Of Building Materials

  • Apcd – Cal Osha Notifications

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